Ashley Gi


About Me:

 Hi friends, I am Ashley Gi and I will be HOPE's 2017-2018 President! I live in Plano, but I went to Frisco Liberty High School because school zoning is whack. Besides that, my hobbies include playing frisbee, eating, and finding new puns/pick up lines on the daily. You'll probably always see me with earbuds plugged in because I love listening to and finding new music (Self promo follow my Spotify). I am also ALWAYS down for a good conversation, serious or entertaining, so feel free to coming knocking on my door. Although I prefer in person communication, listed below are some other ways you can get a hold of me! Please don't ask me what "genx" means because I honestly don't know what fourth grade Ashley was thinking. I HOPE this helped you all to get to know me a little bit better! 


Twitter: @ashhgi

Snapchat: ashleygenx



Facebook: Ashley Gi

Cell: (214)-516-3124