New Friends and Tshirts!!

Hey Guys!

I hope your fist round of exams, tests, essays, practicals, and such went super well!! I am so glad that we are finally past the behemoth that is the first round of tests. Hopefully you've figured out a schedule of studying and working that actually works for you (because lets be real I have not oops oops).

In other news regarding TAMS life, most clubs are beginning to release their FIRE tshirt designs and beginning to collect money! Be sure to stop by the front desk and turn in your slips attached to $15 cash via paper clip, plastic bag, envelope, etc in the YELLOW BOX to buy a cute HOPE shirt!! Jessica spent a lot of time making the design perfectly and tbh it'll be kind of tragic once you see all your friends rocking one at bio one morning and you forgot to buy one.

Additionally, the care packages that we all made at the GA two weeks ago finally got delivered to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital yesterday (thanks Bob!!) and they should be distributed to all the kids there on Thursday, so there's another think to smile about! Thanks again to everyone who came out to that GA, we made 122 care packages and 122 smiles happen! Also, special shout out to all the seniors who came out to our GA this week, in preparation for our highly anticipated Paracord GA. We really could not have done it at all without you guys :). The paracord bracelets will all be donated to a nonprofit organization called Operation Gratitude, and then will be distributed to those serving our country overseas.

We also have a lot of cool events and spirit week ideas in the works for Homecoming, so be on the look out for that as well!! We are working super hard with MHA and Yearbook to create a super-cool-never-been-done-before event that should be a lot of fun for Homecoming!!

Speaking of super cool things happening, let's chat about making new friends. So I've started talking to a lot of people this year that I hadn't really talked to last year, and let me tell you, making new friends is so refreshing and such a nice change of pace. Making new friends is fun, and I encourage you all to go and talk to at least one person who you don't normally talk to everyday. Who knows, you may just end up meeting a new life long friend? 

(DISCLAIMER - ok I realize how uncharacteristic the paragraph above is. Although, given how much I may claim to hate people, I don't actually, I promise. Also the last two days have been super great so idk let me live my life, don't judge ok.)

Ok go live your life.

See ya later alligator,


Posted on September 30, 2015 .

Statue Update (!!)

Hey guys! So because we did not have a GA this week, I thought I would just update ya'll on any extra announcements and things going on with HOPE woo hoo. I know you guys are all super busy with tests and quizzes this week, so good luck and study hard with regards to those lol the first bio test is super easy you guys will all do great. I have faith. Also random life update - but yesterday I took the Enneagram personality test yesterday (I got The Defender, a 6w5) and I was so surprised at how accurate it described me . I suggest you guys all try and take the quiz, because, firstly, it is super easy and quick to do, and second, it is really interesting to read and learn about. 


1. TURN IN YOUR TSHIRT MONEY ASAP! T-Shirt money is due Oct. 5th in the YELLOW BOX at the FRONT DESK. It only costs $15 and has such a cute lil' frocket wowowowow pls buy

2. VOLUNTEER GA - So we have a few tentative volunteer GAs lined up for the rest of the semester. In terms of logging hours for GAs like this, because I know we had a bunch of questions about this last week, just make sure you sign in with one of the execs at the end of the GA and wait for us to post the excel spreadsheet with volunteer hours before submitting your information on tamsiam otherwise IT WILL NOT GET APPROVED OK GOOD GOT IT? gud.


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TSHIRTS and other exciting things!


I hope that the first closed weekend of the year is going better for you than it is for me. I was scheduled to take the ACt for hopefullly the last time this weekend, and everything was going gr9 until my test proctor was like "YO HOLD THE PHONE ARE YOU TRIPPIN RN GURL BC THAT CALCULATOR IS PROHIBITED AF!!!"

I was dismissed from that testing room faster than you can say ACT. I was furious. and upset. and confused because I had used this graphing calculator on virtually every single standardized test I have ever taken. I mean, maybe it was all for the better though. Now I can have more time to prepare, won't miss any college app deadlines (note: the first thing I did after angrily calling my mom to come pick me up from this stupid test was make sure that this wouldn't completely put a hole in my early decision applications, so we gud fam. Besides the fact from being too angry to even compose my thoughts in the moment, it was probably one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me. I mean, as I was leaving the room, all I got were pity glances everyone in the room oops. I mean, it's completely fine now and I'm totally over it, because I like to think that everything happens for a reason and that it was all supposed to turn out like this. So I guess I'll still be studying for the ACT for the next month and a half. oh well. Life happens. 5 years from now, I'll probably think this was the funniest thing ever, so it's fine.  Also I'm sick as heck. So there is that. 


For starters, have you guys all seen the 2015-2016 HOPE T-Shirt design that we released yesterday!!???!??!?!?

Props to Jess for making it look FIRE AF. be sure to bring back some ca$h m0n3y to pay for thi awesome FROCKET COMFORT COLOR TSHIRT. It's only $15 and it's super super cute!!

Note: If you guys are planning on volunteering for HOPE, though our blood drives or any other big events that we may have coming up during the school year, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU BUY A SHIRT so that we can look uniform and be easily distinguishable from a crowd (lol it took me like 4 tries before I spelled distinguishable correctly). #HOPESQUAD

Anyway, I hope you guys make the most of the rest of your closed weekend and spend time with family, friends, and eat lotsa good food before you come back to McConnell. 

LAST NOTE I PROMISE: We will be having a volunteer GA this MONDAY in MAC at EIGHT to create care packages and cute crayon hearts for the local pediatric hospital!!


Take care and try not to get sick af!!


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How to Save a Life

Hey fam!

First of all, thanks to all our volunteers for helping us out the entire day, we really could not have done it with out you guys. Second, thanks to everyone who donated blood today!! We completely exceeded our goal and that could not have been possible with out you guys. The blood drive was a H U G E success and we had 70+ people donate, which is amazing!! It got a little bit stressful and hectic at the end of the day because of the huge influx of walk-ins but the more the merrier right!? 


We will be posting information about volunteer hours for all those who helped us out later this week, so be on the look out for that on our FB page before you put your hours into tamsiam.

VOLUNTEER GA NEXT WEEK!! Come to our GA next week for a chance to earn an HOUR of volunteering ad have loads of fun! 

TSHIRT DESIGN - we are working on it. it looks dope. go tell jessica how great it is.

Thanks to everyone who made today possible!

ok so it is taking forever for the cat gif to load. will post at a later date.

Until next time!


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Happy Second Week of Classes!

Hello hello hello - before we get started with all the FUN and exciting information regarding HOPE this year, be sure to ask Uma (TMS Exec and Mentor Denton committee head) about her stylish jorts!1!!!!!!11!111!

My deepest and sincerest regards for not making a post sooner, but the other HOPE execs and I have been completely swamped planning fun activities and ways for you guys to help out Denton and the surrounding community this semester!

The last week and a half in review:

HOPE COMMITTEE BONANZA - I hope you guys all joined the facebook page for the committees that you're interested in, because announcements will be mainly based off of the specific FB pages. Also, I know this is probably about the 13th time you have heard this information, but sign ups for any volunteering event under the umbrella of HOPE will be solely through this website on the CALENDAR and Doodle Signups.

HOPE CLUB BONANZA - Thanks to everyone who came out to our booth at club bonanza and signed the poster currently hanging in Mac (see picture down below) as well as those who played prize or punishment and won some SWEET ;) prizes. lol it's fine i hate myself too. 

FIRST HOPE GA - MINUTE TO WIN IT - Shout out to those who volunteered to participate in our first GA, I know it was a little hectic and crazy, but we definitely had fun planning/running it, and hope you had fun watching and participating in it too!

TODAY'S GA (8/31/15) - Hopefully you got to know us just a little bit better than you did before at today's GA. Although, low key still pretty salty that no one thought I had the middle school track record, like ok come on guys. In case you weren't paying attention to Grace's announcements about the Red Cross Blood Drive occurring NEXT TUESDAY SEPT 8TH, we will have the power point posted in the HOPE 2015-2016 FB group, so join if you haven't already!

MORE BLOOD DRIVE INFO - So just to recap: It is completely possible to both donate blood as well as volunteer and help us out with the blood drive. 

You should sign up for as many time slots that you can make, so we can coordinate everyone's schedules and fit the right amount of people in each volunteering spot as best we can. 

Permission slips can be found with Grace - so just shoot her a message on FB if you are under 17 and want to give blood but need the parent permission slip. It can also be found on the red cross website - a quick google search should give you the right results. Don't forget to get it signed when you all go home this weekend!!!! We can't wait to see your beautiful faces on Sept 8th ready to volunteer and donate blood :)

If you do get a slot to volunteer on the day of the blood drive, just show up in Mac at least 5 minutes before your shift so we can give you the run down of what exactly you will be doing and check you in. 

NEXT WEEK - We will not be having a GA next week due to Labor Day weekend. Instead of having a GA in Mac at our normal time, be sure to go down to POP THAT BOT, our first TAMS dance of the year (!!) hosted by MHA and JETS! Even if you aren't super into dancing (like me) just go in and "pop" you head into Mac for a little bit because I went last year, with my backpack on like a complete loser, and Kevin Tu, a grand senior, took a picture of me that soon became my new profile picture! lmao try and see if you can find it, because it is tragic as heck. 

NEXT NEXT WEEK - OUR FIRST VOLUNTEER GA!! We will be having a Ga at our normal time in Mac and you will be able to earn 1 hour community service for participating. Low key but I went to a lot of these last year, not only through HOPE but other clubs that did this as well and I earned soooo many hours, had a ton of fun, and never had to change out of my fuchsia sweatpants because they were always in McConnell!! I was told that I cannot disclose any more information about this GA until later, so stayed tuned for that lol :))

Last but not least,


Peace out girl scout,


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Happy Belated International Cat Day!!

Dear Fam,

In honor of International Cat Day being two days ago, thanks @stephaniepvu, I figured the least I could do is write a blog post to commemorate it. OK so I was supposed to post this on the actual day, but things happen whoops. Let's #realtalk for a second though, I'm not the biggest cat fan. In fact, I would consider myself to be more of a dog person (yikes), but if there is one thing I like more than dogs, it's cats in space. Anyway, I thought this blog post (which, let me be clear, I wish I could churn out college essays as easily as I can write these blog posts) could be used as a life update, because the greatest thing happened to me this weekend. 

So there I was, wearing my hope shirt (because oops have not done laundry in so long), waiting in line at Subway. I didn't think much of it to be honest, I just ordered a sub for my sister and I to share for lunch, seeing as we were exhausted and hungry from a long morning of running errands and shopping. It was a pretty normal morning if you ask me. 

and then it happened. 

I. was. recognized. in. public.

it was amazing. Someone who had been reading these posts actually recognized me. This is the best thing that has ever happened. You made my day omg. #mamaImadeit. Is this what fame feels like because wow :')

Anyway, all jokes and exaggerations aside, it felt pretty nice to realize that people can actually put a face to the name/writing/voice? behind this blog. Besides this specific event that completely changed my outlook on life this past weekend, I've been well. Stephanie and I have been corresponding through email instead of social media or texting the past week and a half so I don't get in trouble at lab (it looks like i am doing important work and writing a very pressing email, but in reality, I am writing love poems to strangers that I will probably never meet again and sending them to Stephanie, because what else are friends for??). I really think that e-mails should come back because there is no more expectation of having to reply right away, you can act as formal or informal as you want (Stephanie is actually super ratchet and types like she texts when she emails, but Rohan and I like to put on an act and pretend that we are Astrophysicists (lol it took me 5 tries to spell that right) that have MD's and are CEO's of a large financial powerhouse and live in the UK , so all of the emails we now send sound incredibly sophisticated and ridiculous and are meant to be read with an English accent. I think that emailing has really changed the way the three of us communicate because we allow ourselves time to reflect on whatever we are telling the other person. What does that even mean though?? Good question tarj.

One of the biggest differences that I have found between sending emails vesus texts, is that I feel like I have more liberty and lee-way to elaborate on what I am thinking. For example, instead of just sending Stephanie a text saying "just got back from the DMA, so much fun," I instead could say, "we ate lunch before leaving and didn't eat anything there except a bag of grapes that my mom snuck into the museum. It was really relaxing and we spent all of our time looking at the Monets, Van Goghs, and sitting in front of this gigantic painting called "The Icebergs". I'm glad that my mom really liked that piece because I think it is my favorite piece in the entire museum. It is simply breathtaking and we sat on the bench in front of it for at least 15 minutes just meditating. We probably looked like idiots."

I challenge all of you guys to start emailing your crew more often, or even at least once. It's super fun and just something different to try when you get bored of texting the same person. 

Sincerest regards,


cat 4.gif

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in which I can't think of a title for this post

Hey fam. So I think I'm finally getting the hang of this blogging thing. I actually really like writing on this platform because I have free reign to to just talk/write for however long I want without being interrupted by someone. Anyway, IM SO GLAD THAT YOU GUYS ARE LIKING THESE - seriously, thanks sm to everyone who messaged me about how they liked it and what I could improve on. It means a lot :').

Anyway, in lieu of colleges apps coming out and me not working to work on them, my mom and I decided to go visit the Dallas Museum of Arts on Sunday afternoon. My mom is a huge fan of post impressionism painters. Like a huge fan. She would lend an ear to anything Vincent Van Gogh had to say ;). This meant that we had to go pay homage to the paintings as soon as she got word that the DMA had a few of his pieces on display. 

So get this, it is about 2 o'clock in the afternoon, my electric car has about 60% of its battery left (oops forgot to charge it the night before) and my mom and I embark on our journey to downtown Dallas. Now, the thing about electric cars is that you have to be really conscious about the way you drive, in order to preserve the battery for as along as possible. Things like driving at the optimal speed (50 mph), and not using the air conditioning and rolling down the windows <- basically a recipe for disaster if you are driving on the freeway in 90 degree weather. Luckily, we make it to the arts district in one piece, albeit a little sweaty, but with 35% battery left in the car.

2:45 pm - We find parking and start heading towards the inside of the museum. 

3:00 pm - FINALLY FIND THE PIECES WE ARE LOOKING FOR. To say it took us a long time to find where the painting were located would be an understatement. w h o o p s. 

To say the paintings were breathtaking would be an understatement. Now, I'm not going to sit here and talk about how amazing the paintings are because 1. I can't describe art to save my life, 2. There are people on the internet that are much better qualified to critique and talk about art than I am, and 3. That is not the point of this blog post. Basically, the paintings were amazing and all that jazz. great. 

3:15ish pm - My mom and I walked up to the 4th floor where we went to go see MY favorite piece on display at the DMA, "The Icebergs" by Frederic Edwin Church. The painting is ENORMOUS and takes up basically an entire wall. The DMA also did this really cool thing where they installed benches right in front of the painting so you can sit and really take in the entire painting. My mom and I must have sat there for at least another 15 minutes. Partly because we were both still exhausted from earlier that day (she was cleaning out her closet and I went to frisbee #mistake) and partly because we kept on noticing things that you couldn't really see at first glance. 

3:30ish - We finally got up and left so that I could take a cute picture in front of the mosaic outside the front entrance of the DMA for insta #shameless.

4:15 ish - finally home. 16% battery left. so tired. and sweaty. good night time for a nap. 

update - the piece above was written on Sunday as soon as I got home, but I didn't want to post it because it felt incomplete lmao.

Here is your highly anticipated space cat gif. I really hope my professor doesn't walk by when I looking up a gif to post. 


Update 2 - he did. fml.

Until later this week when I don't want to work on college apps!


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McConnell 101

Hey Guys!!

ok first things first, I should have posted a little while back but things at lab got super hectic and I just started watching Daredevil on Netflix and well...... oops. It's ok, I'm here now lmao.     In other news, we just got our new room assignments for the new school year WOO HOO!! Steph and I were super pumped to learn that we got our old senior mentor's room, right by the kitchenette and TV room. Our wing is B200 and Erica is our RA, so HOLLA AT US IF YOU IN OUR WING WOO HOO B WING BEST WING :) :) Anyway, I thought I'd just talk about my first dorm experience and what I learned from it and what not. 

For me personally,  I found it really weird to not go home after classes everyday and eat my mom's home cooked food :(.The story of my fuchsia joggers/sweatpants can explain this better than any explanation I could ever give, to be honest. Okay, so I have these really obnoxiously colored purple sweatpants that I love and adore with all my heart, but I used to be super afraid of people judging me for wearing them because of how ridiculous they look. So naturally, I only wore them in my room and at home, and only to sleep, because again, I didn't want my roommate to judge me for wearing them. However, as Nivedina and I became closer, I started wearing them during the day, however still exclusively wearing them in the privacy of our room. Then, as I became more comfortable with the fact that I would be living in this building for the next 4 semesters, I became more comfortable with wearing my fuchsia pants out in public. I began wearing them downstairs in Mac, and then outside when I went to Bio in the morning, and even for my ambassadors interview!! For me, home is where I can be comfortable and do be completely myself without having to worry about what other people thought of me, because I mean, who is there to judge me at home? my family??? I mean, ok. It was a little different at TAMS however, because initially, I wasn't super close to anyone and didn't really want people to judge me for being weird as hell LOL. I think that as I got more comfortable with the people at TAMS and living away from home, I really came out of my shell,and consequently, began wearing my purple pants e v e r y w h e r e. It took some time though, I'm not going to lie, there was definitely a period of adjustment and I felt like I would never be comfortable sleeping in a bed other than the one at my house, but I got through it, and so did the other 171 people in my grade. So what I mean to say is, it'll take time, but if I can do it, so can you! (plus, if you have any more questions about McConnell or TAMS or whatever, hmu fam) 

Below are some other people's experiences with moving in and living at McConnell first semester:

Rohan Batlanki - Rohan is going to be a senior this fall and is currently my useless lab partner. He is also a "lovable senior" and a pretty cool guy; you should hit him up.

"I have a big family. Like, a really really big family. There’s the standard outfit: my mom, my dad, annoying younger sibling. Then there’s my grandmother. And my other grandmother. And the multitude of relatives that seem to be constantly cycling through our front door. At any given time, there’s maybe fifteen people in my house. So, yeah, I have one big @$$ family. Cue May 2014. I got my admission to TAMS and was working on the housing form. On the side, I was excitedly shopping for new gear for my dorm. As fourteen other voices clamored their opinions on what I should buy for my new dorm, I realized how much I couldn’t wait to be living on my own. Move in day was unlike anything I had ever seen before. iTunes top 20 blared at an ungodly loud volume and I could feel the pain as hundreds of hipsters – prevalent at UNT – bled from their ears. It was hot, humid, and wonderful. Before my car was in park, my trunk flew open as three sweaty Indian boys in self-made cutoffs pulled the luggage out of my car. I was effectively ejected from my car seat and thrust into the insufficient AC of McConnell hall. Warm, welcoming smiles greeted me, along with slaps on the back and more fist bumps than I could meet. Now a year later, the clamor still hasn’t died down. The lively energy persists year round (except during finals). There’s something comforting about being surrounded by so many people. It’s something I thought I had to let go to come here, but something that I never lost. Living in a dorm with TAMSters is chaotic, fun, dramatic, annoying, sometimes gross, energetic, and easily one of the best parts of TAMS. So, yeah, I have one big @$$ family. And it’s absolutely amazing."

Kevin Wang - Kevin and I are super good friends and he is hella @ golf. He is obsessed with Uniqlo and his shoe game is super strong.

"The first semester of TAMS really flew by for me. At first, I did not know many people at TAMS so I knew I had to make new friends, which I was a little apprehensive about because I don’t like to talk much, but I quickly got to know quite a few people during the first week of school. Even though the TAMS community is fairly small compared to a traditional high school, there are so many different kinds of people in McConnell Hall, which makes it really easy to get along with others. Another factor that contributes to the close friendships here at TAMS is the fact that everyone lives in the same building so there is a lot more opportunity to spend time with your peers outside of class. Therefore, it didn’t take long for me to find a group of people I really connected with. Dorm life was a little different from home because I had a community wing so I had to shower in the community bathroom. At first, I was afraid that there would always be a line for the showers since there are only 5 of them, but it turns out not many people like to shower at night so all was good. (Hint: if you’re in B wing 3rd floor, the 2nd shower from the right is fire emoji.) Living with a roommate isn’t too bad either as long as you can tolerate each other. I was lucky that I was friends with my roommate before coming to TAMS. "

Kunaal Kumar - ok tbh low key but I don't really know him that well but people said we have the same sense of humor so we are friends now.

"Adjusting to life in McConnell is pretty easy; even though it may seem daunting at first, it only gets easier and more familiar over time. Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you’re living with plenty of other people who are just as confused about life as you are-which, believe it or not, is probably the best thing about TAMS. You’ll experience things you never even imagined, from Indian boys gathering in your room at 2 am to talk about developing a social network for terminally ill patients to chasing people down the hallway at 5 am with a banana in hand (I’m not making this up). Even if staying up absurdly late and doing stupid things with stupid people isn’t your thing, you’ll still have plenty of fun. For example, if you hate everyone, you can still entertain yourself by playing pool all day or walking with the one person you don’t hate to get some boba. There’s definitely something for everyone in McConnell, and I promise you, you won't ever be bored!"

Nandita Ramkumar - Queen. Nandita is honestly the kindest person you will ever meet, AND SHE HAS SUCH A CUTE DOG NAMED OSWALD OMG. 

"Hey Guys! Dorm life was an experience that I absolutely loved. My roommate happened to be my stand partner from middle school orchestra, who I hadn't spoken to in years! Adjusting to the lively, fun TAMS environment was not a challenge at all for me because everyone was so welcoming and very helpful (so don't worry if you ever forget something at home smile emoticon ) The rooms may not be the biggest or the nicest, but once you get used to them and your roommate, they really aren't that bad. I found that the best way to get adjusted to TAMS was to try to meet those around me, so I could be comfortable in this new place I called home. The many late night study groups and GA's will make dorm life exciting and easy to adjust to.I hope you guys have just as much fun as I did and good luck!

Sachit Menon - Sachit is a mess, but he is a smart mess. 

"When I came to TAMS, I was really unsure about a lot of things. Would I be able to live by myself? More importantly, would I be able to live with the people around me? Once I actually got here, my wing seemed like a weird and foreign place. Soon enough, I learned I was wrong - it wasn't my wing that was a weird place, it was all of TAMS. But this "weirdness," which I originally thought to be a bad thing, was actually what made everyone comfortable living here. At how many other high schools can you show up uninvited at a classmate's door and study all night before a test? (Note: you should study in advance so you can sleep before tests.) Making friends was not hard once everyone got over their initial awkwardness. Overall, getting used to McConnell was more a matter of changing how I thought about social interaction than how I acted to other people."

Jessi Cai - ok Jessi is honestly one of my best friends at TAMS and I am so thankful for her tbh. Also, she taught me everything I know about photoshop because she is a goddess.

"A People-Hater’s Guide to Surviving McConnell Hall: An Autobiography

Once upon a time, Jessi was in lab totally doing important stuff that does not include filling tip boxes because she’s too incompetent to do anything else when Tarjani messaged her begging her to write a paragraph on her experience living in McConnell. Jessi typed up a super funny/witty response, but Tarj was like omg plz type a paragraph that’s at least 10 sentences.

So, the basics to surviving this place:

1.    Bring as much food as possible to stockpile in your room. I’m talking Costco-size of everything. Yes, the 64 pack of Poptarts (because Colleen will literally eat, like, 50 of them) and 128 pack of granola bars. You need them. Why? So you never have to leave your room. The goal is to minimize the amount of time you spend outside.

2.    Pray for a private so you literally never have to leave your room.

3.    Yell at people who try to interrupt your naps in order to assert dominance.

4.    Avoid Mac like the plague. There are always people in there, and people are bad.

5.    Befriend Tarjani so you guys can bond over how much you both hate everything.

lol, 90% of this is a joke. (lolnotreally.)"


Michael Yuan - wow Michael and I have known each other since 7th grade, but never really talked until last year at TAMS. He is cool, but his hair game is kind of weak to be honest. Also idk why the font is so small but idk how to fix it sorry. 

"When I knew I was going to attend TAMS, I felt extremely prepared for everything because my sister attended a few years earlier. Furthermore, socially, coming from Jasper, I knew a lot of people at TAMS before the school year, so I thought I would just hang out with them the whole year. However, after the first few weeks of meeting new people, I extended my friend group to people in all parts of Texas, from Plano to Frisco to Houston to Austin to Mansfield to Abilene, and deciding to meet new people was probably the best decision I’ve made since attending TAMS. TAMS provides you the opportunity to develop close bonds with people from diverse backgrounds due to the ability of living in the same building with your peers, and it’s an opportunity people should take advantage of. Dorm life for me turned out to be crazier than I expected. From 6AM donut runs to midnight food runs to stargazing to basketball to just hanging out with other people in Mac Café, dorm life for me became an experience that I am so excited to have. Dorm life also taught me a lot about time management that I had to adapt to. Because no one is there to tell you to work and because the tests ARE harder than those from Plano, you have to manage your own time and study a decent amount before tests in order to succeed. In conclusion, your social and academic life is completely up to you, so make the most of what you have, and you’ll definitely enjoy TAMS!"


Also to all the people I asked to send in their own testimonials but didn't, I have beef with you and we are going to need to talk fam. -.- 


 Until next time!  - Tarj

Until next time!

- Tarj

Posted on July 29, 2015 .

Day in the Life of ...

I know what you're thinking. TWO posts in less than 24 hours?? Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Unheard of. Anyway, after receiving a lot of requests to do a "day in the life of post," I thought that today would be as good a day as any to write it. Also because I'm still waiting for that antibody incubation to happen fml. Okay so I thought I would just give a general run down of what I did my first and second semesters at TAMS. Now, keep in mind that I completed most of my volunteering hours on Tues. and Thurs, because I didn't have class until 3pm (funny how that worked out isn't it?). I mean, I guess I can give you guys more information on that if y'all are interested but I mean, I figured I would just show one of my busiest days. Okay lets do this fam.

7:44 - Wake up panicked , brush my teeth, get dressed, fill up water bottle and go knock on Stephanie's door by 7:50 so we can walk to Bio together. 

8:00 - BIOLOGY (Pro TIp: some people found it useful to bring their bio book to class to follow along and not fall asleep in class, but I always just took a spiral notebook to take notes/doodle in to pay attention. Also don't fall asleep in class. It is very bad. Just ask Mitchell Che what will happen if you do. Lol.)

9:00 - Breakfast at Bruce!! Svu and I always went to Bruce after bio for breakfast for two reasons. One, at the beginning of the year, most everyone goes to Bruce BEFORE bio, so beat the lines and go after, it'll be much better, I promise. Two, we love hashbrowns. Almost as much as we love HOPE. 

9:15 - After a quick breakfast, I usually went up to my room, to go take a shower. Yeah lmao I had a private last year which was hella nice and usually took a nap after my shower oops.Also this period of time that I had before 11 am Psych was usually when I frantically finished Prof. Schoolfield's discussion questions for English that were due at 1pm. 

10:37 - Wake up from nap/ Finish printing DQ's in Jessi Cai's (my savior and queen) room and pack my backpack for Psych. Usually, I would leave a little early to go downstairs and chat with Savannah, one of the RA's who was usually at the front desk for a little while, or just get to class early. Just depends to be honest. Also, I promise you that these are exact times, I even went back and checked all the alarms on my phone to make sure this was as accurate as possible #dedication #amirightladies

11:00 -  PSYCH (second sem.) or finishing up HW (first semester). 

11:50 - Beg Jessi to go to lunch with me. This applies for both semesters. Also omg I totally forgot, but the salad bar at Bruce has eggs!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes Steph and I would go to maple, but more often than not, we would always just end up at bruce because of how close it is tom McConnell. 

12:00 - Ok so here's the thing, first semester, I had English with Professor Schoolfield from 12-1, but second semester I had English with her from 1-2, but the idea is pretty much the same. Either Michael and I would go walk to english together from lunch, or we would meet in mac and go to class. PRO TIP: If you want to be a total kiss up like I was, I recommend going to class like 10 min early so you can chat with Schoolfield about her weekend or current renovation projects happening in her house or the birds in Germany or HOW YOU RAN INTO HER AT IKEA DURING WINTER BREAK omg mistake but that is a story for another time. 

2:00 -  After english ended (lol I guess I'm sticking with my second semester schedule lol whoops) Kevin and I would walk to Chem Lab Recitation from the english building. LOVE chem lab res because of how short and quick it would be.

2:15 - MAC - Lmao ok so either I would go upstairs and take a real quick nap after recitation before chem lab, or just hang out in Mac w/ the crew for a little while. 

3:30 - CHEM LAB - Chem lab is a joke. like an actual joke. so there is not need to worry about it too much to be quite honest. I was actually pretty lucky last year to have hella great partners who made the time, well what little time the experiments took anyway, pass by much quicker. Shout out to Steph and Tony for being such gr9 partners!!11!!1! #straighttwenties 

4:30 - BRUCE - after chem lab, a few of us from lab, including KBD Committee Head, Mitchell Che, would go to bruce to catch a quick bite to eat because grilled cheese sandwiches!!

5:00 - HW - The three hours between the start of Monday evening GA's and coming back from bruce for an early dinner were usually spent working on homework, studying, cramming, etc..... I mean there's really nothing to it, if HW was light that day and I finished everything up quickly, Nivedina, my room mate and I would spend the time talking/ranting to each other. LOL love her the most. go follow her on IG.

8:00 - WOWOW HOPE GA HOPE GA HOPE GA WOWOW. Pro Tip: Attend these. Like actually. Go to them.

10:00 -  After Ambassadors GAs, either people stay in Mac and hang out with friends until curfew ( aka me omg no shame no ragrets) or go back upstairs and back to studying!! I usually spent time in Mac w h o o p s.

11:00 -  ROOM CHECKS CURFEW - Pretty self explanatory tbh. Then I'd either go down for a little while and hang out/ work on math hw or do hw in my room or go to sleep because I am lame af and need to sleep before 1 otherwise mornings are 10x more rough. 


I'm glad you asked friend. I think the thing that worked best for me last year was just signing up for any and every opportunity that didn't conflict with any class I had during that day and those that I knew I could attend for sure (see previous post on commitment). I guess, just find what works best for you and roll with it. For example, for me, I found that most of the volunteer events that I signed up were those that took place over the weekends or on days that were more light and when I did't have that many classes. YAY volunteering!!

OK GUYS get pumped for the new school year hollaaaaaaaaaaaa

Also HI, I was going to make a separate post about this, but did you guys hear about the New Horizons Pluto Picture OMGGGG I think it's great that we have accomplished so much. Never in my life did I think we would ever be able to see such high quality pictures of Pluto, and yet here we are. ok sorry i just get really emotional about space. 

until next time,

Tarj c:




Posted on July 15, 2015 .


Hey fam,

So I'm currently waiting for my antibody to incubate onto my assay/chip in lab, so I thought we would have another lil' chat. lol. 

Anyway, I'm sure you guys have all heard about the DeAndre Jordan fiasco by now, whether it be through twitter (follow me @tarjmahal !!), facebook, tumblr, or actually watching the news (lol who actually does that though???), but for those who have been basically living under a rock, FEAR NOT.  Okay, so essentially what happened was that, DeAndre Jordan verbally committed to play for the Mavericks next season, came to the Big D and chilled with Mark Cuban, and EVEN went to dinner every night for a week with Chandler Parsons, and THEN IT HAPPENED!!?!/11!/1/1/1

HE RESCINDED HIS VERBAL OFFER and decided to go back to his Clippers. Not only did this jeopardize the Mavs' future next season, but he also jeopardized his own career. If he was so quick to go back on his word, it's pretty clear to contractors that his agreements no longer mean anything of significance. 

Like ok tarj, we get it, DeAndre Jordan is a tragic disaster and you hate him....whatever.

I think that this situation can be applied with any volunteering that you sign up for next year at TAMS, whether that be through HOPE or some other club. We value commitment and loyalty a lot and signing up for an event and backing out not only messes a lot of things up for us, the coordinators/execs/committee heads, but also for the RAs who have to drive us in the vans, other students who also signed up to volunteer at the said event, and those who were counting on your help and volunteerism. YOU DONE GOOFED FAM. What I mean to say is, please be committed and only sign up for the events and opportunities that you KNOW YOU CAN ATTEND FOR SURE, because there are plenty of other people who would kill (ok maybe not kill but severely maim for sure) to be in your position. Follow through with what you say you are going to do fam, it's a super big thing for us.

And I mean, I totally get it, things happen. You might fall sick, or idk have something catastrophic happen, it's okay, relax, chill, and let us know asap. 

I mean, if I, someone who is notorious for having super bad commitment issues (it is a very real problem, ask anyone, I am literally the most fickle person ever #notproud #itsokimworkingonit), can do, SO CAN YOU. BE THE BEST YOU. 

OK wow thanks for reading all this and following through with your commitments fam ily <3

Here is ur space cat gif. go wild.

Also wow what a baller #goals ok bye for real now

Much love,


UPDATE 3:43 pm 7/14/2015 - Rohan and I are BOTH wearing our hope shirts in lab today #REPRESENT wow amazing so cool wow great



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