Hey fam,

So I'm currently waiting for my antibody to incubate onto my assay/chip in lab, so I thought we would have another lil' chat. lol. 

Anyway, I'm sure you guys have all heard about the DeAndre Jordan fiasco by now, whether it be through twitter (follow me @tarjmahal !!), facebook, tumblr, or actually watching the news (lol who actually does that though???), but for those who have been basically living under a rock, FEAR NOT.  Okay, so essentially what happened was that, DeAndre Jordan verbally committed to play for the Mavericks next season, came to the Big D and chilled with Mark Cuban, and EVEN went to dinner every night for a week with Chandler Parsons, and THEN IT HAPPENED!!?!/11!/1/1/1

HE RESCINDED HIS VERBAL OFFER and decided to go back to his Clippers. Not only did this jeopardize the Mavs' future next season, but he also jeopardized his own career. If he was so quick to go back on his word, it's pretty clear to contractors that his agreements no longer mean anything of significance. 

Like ok tarj, we get it, DeAndre Jordan is a tragic disaster and you hate him....whatever.

I think that this situation can be applied with any volunteering that you sign up for next year at TAMS, whether that be through HOPE or some other club. We value commitment and loyalty a lot and signing up for an event and backing out not only messes a lot of things up for us, the coordinators/execs/committee heads, but also for the RAs who have to drive us in the vans, other students who also signed up to volunteer at the said event, and those who were counting on your help and volunteerism. YOU DONE GOOFED FAM. What I mean to say is, please be committed and only sign up for the events and opportunities that you KNOW YOU CAN ATTEND FOR SURE, because there are plenty of other people who would kill (ok maybe not kill but severely maim for sure) to be in your position. Follow through with what you say you are going to do fam, it's a super big thing for us.

And I mean, I totally get it, things happen. You might fall sick, or idk have something catastrophic happen, it's okay, relax, chill, and let us know asap. 

I mean, if I, someone who is notorious for having super bad commitment issues (it is a very real problem, ask anyone, I am literally the most fickle person ever #notproud #itsokimworkingonit), can do, SO CAN YOU. BE THE BEST YOU. 

OK wow thanks for reading all this and following through with your commitments fam ily <3

Here is ur space cat gif. go wild.

Also wow what a baller #goals ok bye for real now

Much love,


UPDATE 3:43 pm 7/14/2015 - Rohan and I are BOTH wearing our hope shirts in lab today #REPRESENT wow amazing so cool wow great



Posted on July 14, 2015 .