Committees, Getting Caught in the Rain, and Cat GIFS

HEY GUYS! Tarjani here, I HOPE y'all are all having a great summer filled with lots of TV and VOLUNTEERING!!! This post is here to serve as a sort of informal introduction as to what HOPE really is and comes to you guys in 3 parts.


We have a lot of different committees that are all a part of HOPE. Some committees include Love Bites, a baking committee that provides fundraising for other non-profit organizations and charities; Elm Fork, a weekly tutoring committee that works with home schooled kids in the Denton area; Teen Court, a way for TAMS students to learn more about the judicial system through hands on experience; and Keep Denton Beautiful,  a committee that goes into the community and volunteers at events that essentially... Keep Denton Beautiful (plus free tshirts woo~~). I know that amount of committees and volunteer opportunities may seem overwhelming at first, BUT FEAR NOT! I can guarantee that you will find something you really enjoy volunteering with every week and make an impact. Also we have this BOMB AF program during Valentine's Day where we have an auction AND a dance!! 


  • BRING AN UMBRELLA - you never know when you will be caught in the middle of a torrential downpour on campus. walking back from a biology exam. on your birthday. at 9 am. 
  • Maple serves chocolate chip pancakes on Thursdays!!! Although the schedules may be subject to change next semester. 
  • Kerr serves breakfast for dinner after 9 pm every weekday. SOMETIMES THEY EVEN HAVE DONUTS!! Stephanie and I have taken many a trip to Kerr before Chemistry exams, it's almost tradition.
  • Bring half the clothes you actually think you need. Trust us on this one - we both had way too many clothes during move out and way too little space.
  • The BLB has study rooms on the bottom floor when Willis Library and your dorm room just don't cut it anymore. 
  • Other gr9 study places are Sycamore, 4th floor Willis, and EESAT (Environmental Science)

3. LOOK!!

Until next time,



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