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I know what you're thinking. TWO posts in less than 24 hours?? Unbelievable. Ridiculous. Unheard of. Anyway, after receiving a lot of requests to do a "day in the life of post," I thought that today would be as good a day as any to write it. Also because I'm still waiting for that antibody incubation to happen fml. Okay so I thought I would just give a general run down of what I did my first and second semesters at TAMS. Now, keep in mind that I completed most of my volunteering hours on Tues. and Thurs, because I didn't have class until 3pm (funny how that worked out isn't it?). I mean, I guess I can give you guys more information on that if y'all are interested but I mean, I figured I would just show one of my busiest days. Okay lets do this fam.

7:44 - Wake up panicked , brush my teeth, get dressed, fill up water bottle and go knock on Stephanie's door by 7:50 so we can walk to Bio together. 

8:00 - BIOLOGY (Pro TIp: some people found it useful to bring their bio book to class to follow along and not fall asleep in class, but I always just took a spiral notebook to take notes/doodle in to pay attention. Also don't fall asleep in class. It is very bad. Just ask Mitchell Che what will happen if you do. Lol.)

9:00 - Breakfast at Bruce!! Svu and I always went to Bruce after bio for breakfast for two reasons. One, at the beginning of the year, most everyone goes to Bruce BEFORE bio, so beat the lines and go after, it'll be much better, I promise. Two, we love hashbrowns. Almost as much as we love HOPE. 

9:15 - After a quick breakfast, I usually went up to my room, to go take a shower. Yeah lmao I had a private last year which was hella nice and usually took a nap after my shower oops.Also this period of time that I had before 11 am Psych was usually when I frantically finished Prof. Schoolfield's discussion questions for English that were due at 1pm. 

10:37 - Wake up from nap/ Finish printing DQ's in Jessi Cai's (my savior and queen) room and pack my backpack for Psych. Usually, I would leave a little early to go downstairs and chat with Savannah, one of the RA's who was usually at the front desk for a little while, or just get to class early. Just depends to be honest. Also, I promise you that these are exact times, I even went back and checked all the alarms on my phone to make sure this was as accurate as possible #dedication #amirightladies

11:00 -  PSYCH (second sem.) or finishing up HW (first semester). 

11:50 - Beg Jessi to go to lunch with me. This applies for both semesters. Also omg I totally forgot, but the salad bar at Bruce has eggs!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes Steph and I would go to maple, but more often than not, we would always just end up at bruce because of how close it is tom McConnell. 

12:00 - Ok so here's the thing, first semester, I had English with Professor Schoolfield from 12-1, but second semester I had English with her from 1-2, but the idea is pretty much the same. Either Michael and I would go walk to english together from lunch, or we would meet in mac and go to class. PRO TIP: If you want to be a total kiss up like I was, I recommend going to class like 10 min early so you can chat with Schoolfield about her weekend or current renovation projects happening in her house or the birds in Germany or HOW YOU RAN INTO HER AT IKEA DURING WINTER BREAK omg mistake but that is a story for another time. 

2:00 -  After english ended (lol I guess I'm sticking with my second semester schedule lol whoops) Kevin and I would walk to Chem Lab Recitation from the english building. LOVE chem lab res because of how short and quick it would be.

2:15 - MAC - Lmao ok so either I would go upstairs and take a real quick nap after recitation before chem lab, or just hang out in Mac w/ the crew for a little while. 

3:30 - CHEM LAB - Chem lab is a joke. like an actual joke. so there is not need to worry about it too much to be quite honest. I was actually pretty lucky last year to have hella great partners who made the time, well what little time the experiments took anyway, pass by much quicker. Shout out to Steph and Tony for being such gr9 partners!!11!!1! #straighttwenties 

4:30 - BRUCE - after chem lab, a few of us from lab, including KBD Committee Head, Mitchell Che, would go to bruce to catch a quick bite to eat because grilled cheese sandwiches!!

5:00 - HW - The three hours between the start of Monday evening GA's and coming back from bruce for an early dinner were usually spent working on homework, studying, cramming, etc..... I mean there's really nothing to it, if HW was light that day and I finished everything up quickly, Nivedina, my room mate and I would spend the time talking/ranting to each other. LOL love her the most. go follow her on IG.

8:00 - WOWOW HOPE GA HOPE GA HOPE GA WOWOW. Pro Tip: Attend these. Like actually. Go to them.

10:00 -  After Ambassadors GAs, either people stay in Mac and hang out with friends until curfew ( aka me omg no shame no ragrets) or go back upstairs and back to studying!! I usually spent time in Mac w h o o p s.

11:00 -  ROOM CHECKS CURFEW - Pretty self explanatory tbh. Then I'd either go down for a little while and hang out/ work on math hw or do hw in my room or go to sleep because I am lame af and need to sleep before 1 otherwise mornings are 10x more rough. 


I'm glad you asked friend. I think the thing that worked best for me last year was just signing up for any and every opportunity that didn't conflict with any class I had during that day and those that I knew I could attend for sure (see previous post on commitment). I guess, just find what works best for you and roll with it. For example, for me, I found that most of the volunteer events that I signed up were those that took place over the weekends or on days that were more light and when I did't have that many classes. YAY volunteering!!

OK GUYS get pumped for the new school year hollaaaaaaaaaaaa

Also HI, I was going to make a separate post about this, but did you guys hear about the New Horizons Pluto Picture OMGGGG I think it's great that we have accomplished so much. Never in my life did I think we would ever be able to see such high quality pictures of Pluto, and yet here we are. ok sorry i just get really emotional about space. 

until next time,

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Posted on July 15, 2015 .