Happy Belated International Cat Day!!

Dear Fam,

In honor of International Cat Day being two days ago, thanks @stephaniepvu, I figured the least I could do is write a blog post to commemorate it. OK so I was supposed to post this on the actual day, but things happen whoops. Let's #realtalk for a second though, I'm not the biggest cat fan. In fact, I would consider myself to be more of a dog person (yikes), but if there is one thing I like more than dogs, it's cats in space. Anyway, I thought this blog post (which, let me be clear, I wish I could churn out college essays as easily as I can write these blog posts) could be used as a life update, because the greatest thing happened to me this weekend. 

So there I was, wearing my hope shirt (because oops have not done laundry in so long), waiting in line at Subway. I didn't think much of it to be honest, I just ordered a sub for my sister and I to share for lunch, seeing as we were exhausted and hungry from a long morning of running errands and shopping. It was a pretty normal morning if you ask me. 

and then it happened. 

I. was. recognized. in. public.

it was amazing. Someone who had been reading these posts actually recognized me. This is the best thing that has ever happened. You made my day omg. #mamaImadeit. Is this what fame feels like because wow :')

Anyway, all jokes and exaggerations aside, it felt pretty nice to realize that people can actually put a face to the name/writing/voice? behind this blog. Besides this specific event that completely changed my outlook on life this past weekend, I've been well. Stephanie and I have been corresponding through email instead of social media or texting the past week and a half so I don't get in trouble at lab (it looks like i am doing important work and writing a very pressing email, but in reality, I am writing love poems to strangers that I will probably never meet again and sending them to Stephanie, because what else are friends for??). I really think that e-mails should come back because there is no more expectation of having to reply right away, you can act as formal or informal as you want (Stephanie is actually super ratchet and types like she texts when she emails, but Rohan and I like to put on an act and pretend that we are Astrophysicists (lol it took me 5 tries to spell that right) that have MD's and are CEO's of a large financial powerhouse and live in the UK , so all of the emails we now send sound incredibly sophisticated and ridiculous and are meant to be read with an English accent. I think that emailing has really changed the way the three of us communicate because we allow ourselves time to reflect on whatever we are telling the other person. What does that even mean though?? Good question tarj.

One of the biggest differences that I have found between sending emails vesus texts, is that I feel like I have more liberty and lee-way to elaborate on what I am thinking. For example, instead of just sending Stephanie a text saying "just got back from the DMA, so much fun," I instead could say, "we ate lunch before leaving and didn't eat anything there except a bag of grapes that my mom snuck into the museum. It was really relaxing and we spent all of our time looking at the Monets, Van Goghs, and sitting in front of this gigantic painting called "The Icebergs". I'm glad that my mom really liked that piece because I think it is my favorite piece in the entire museum. It is simply breathtaking and we sat on the bench in front of it for at least 15 minutes just meditating. We probably looked like idiots."

I challenge all of you guys to start emailing your crew more often, or even at least once. It's super fun and just something different to try when you get bored of texting the same person. 

Sincerest regards,


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Posted on August 10, 2015 .