Happy Second Week of Classes!

Hello hello hello - before we get started with all the FUN and exciting information regarding HOPE this year, be sure to ask Uma (TMS Exec and Mentor Denton committee head) about her stylish jorts!1!!!!!!11!111!

My deepest and sincerest regards for not making a post sooner, but the other HOPE execs and I have been completely swamped planning fun activities and ways for you guys to help out Denton and the surrounding community this semester!

The last week and a half in review:

HOPE COMMITTEE BONANZA - I hope you guys all joined the facebook page for the committees that you're interested in, because announcements will be mainly based off of the specific FB pages. Also, I know this is probably about the 13th time you have heard this information, but sign ups for any volunteering event under the umbrella of HOPE will be solely through this website on the CALENDAR and Doodle Signups.

HOPE CLUB BONANZA - Thanks to everyone who came out to our booth at club bonanza and signed the poster currently hanging in Mac (see picture down below) as well as those who played prize or punishment and won some SWEET ;) prizes. lol it's fine i hate myself too. 

FIRST HOPE GA - MINUTE TO WIN IT - Shout out to those who volunteered to participate in our first GA, I know it was a little hectic and crazy, but we definitely had fun planning/running it, and hope you had fun watching and participating in it too!

TODAY'S GA (8/31/15) - Hopefully you got to know us just a little bit better than you did before at today's GA. Although, low key still pretty salty that no one thought I had the middle school track record, like ok come on guys. In case you weren't paying attention to Grace's announcements about the Red Cross Blood Drive occurring NEXT TUESDAY SEPT 8TH, we will have the power point posted in the HOPE 2015-2016 FB group, so join if you haven't already!

MORE BLOOD DRIVE INFO - So just to recap: It is completely possible to both donate blood as well as volunteer and help us out with the blood drive. 

You should sign up for as many time slots that you can make, so we can coordinate everyone's schedules and fit the right amount of people in each volunteering spot as best we can. 

Permission slips can be found with Grace - so just shoot her a message on FB if you are under 17 and want to give blood but need the parent permission slip. It can also be found on the red cross website - a quick google search should give you the right results. Don't forget to get it signed when you all go home this weekend!!!! We can't wait to see your beautiful faces on Sept 8th ready to volunteer and donate blood :)

If you do get a slot to volunteer on the day of the blood drive, just show up in Mac at least 5 minutes before your shift so we can give you the run down of what exactly you will be doing and check you in. 

NEXT WEEK - We will not be having a GA next week due to Labor Day weekend. Instead of having a GA in Mac at our normal time, be sure to go down to POP THAT BOT, our first TAMS dance of the year (!!) hosted by MHA and JETS! Even if you aren't super into dancing (like me) just go in and "pop" you head into Mac for a little bit because I went last year, with my backpack on like a complete loser, and Kevin Tu, a grand senior, took a picture of me that soon became my new profile picture! lmao try and see if you can find it, because it is tragic as heck. 

NEXT NEXT WEEK - OUR FIRST VOLUNTEER GA!! We will be having a Ga at our normal time in Mac and you will be able to earn 1 hour community service for participating. Low key but I went to a lot of these last year, not only through HOPE but other clubs that did this as well and I earned soooo many hours, had a ton of fun, and never had to change out of my fuchsia sweatpants because they were always in McConnell!! I was told that I cannot disclose any more information about this GA until later, so stayed tuned for that lol :))

Last but not least,


Peace out girl scout,


Posted on August 31, 2015 .