How to Save a Life

Hey fam!

First of all, thanks to all our volunteers for helping us out the entire day, we really could not have done it with out you guys. Second, thanks to everyone who donated blood today!! We completely exceeded our goal and that could not have been possible with out you guys. The blood drive was a H U G E success and we had 70+ people donate, which is amazing!! It got a little bit stressful and hectic at the end of the day because of the huge influx of walk-ins but the more the merrier right!? 


We will be posting information about volunteer hours for all those who helped us out later this week, so be on the look out for that on our FB page before you put your hours into tamsiam.

VOLUNTEER GA NEXT WEEK!! Come to our GA next week for a chance to earn an HOUR of volunteering ad have loads of fun! 

TSHIRT DESIGN - we are working on it. it looks dope. go tell jessica how great it is.

Thanks to everyone who made today possible!

ok so it is taking forever for the cat gif to load. will post at a later date.

Until next time!


Posted on September 8, 2015 .