New Friends and Tshirts!!

Hey Guys!

I hope your fist round of exams, tests, essays, practicals, and such went super well!! I am so glad that we are finally past the behemoth that is the first round of tests. Hopefully you've figured out a schedule of studying and working that actually works for you (because lets be real I have not oops oops).

In other news regarding TAMS life, most clubs are beginning to release their FIRE tshirt designs and beginning to collect money! Be sure to stop by the front desk and turn in your slips attached to $15 cash via paper clip, plastic bag, envelope, etc in the YELLOW BOX to buy a cute HOPE shirt!! Jessica spent a lot of time making the design perfectly and tbh it'll be kind of tragic once you see all your friends rocking one at bio one morning and you forgot to buy one.

Additionally, the care packages that we all made at the GA two weeks ago finally got delivered to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital yesterday (thanks Bob!!) and they should be distributed to all the kids there on Thursday, so there's another think to smile about! Thanks again to everyone who came out to that GA, we made 122 care packages and 122 smiles happen! Also, special shout out to all the seniors who came out to our GA this week, in preparation for our highly anticipated Paracord GA. We really could not have done it at all without you guys :). The paracord bracelets will all be donated to a nonprofit organization called Operation Gratitude, and then will be distributed to those serving our country overseas.

We also have a lot of cool events and spirit week ideas in the works for Homecoming, so be on the look out for that as well!! We are working super hard with MHA and Yearbook to create a super-cool-never-been-done-before event that should be a lot of fun for Homecoming!!

Speaking of super cool things happening, let's chat about making new friends. So I've started talking to a lot of people this year that I hadn't really talked to last year, and let me tell you, making new friends is so refreshing and such a nice change of pace. Making new friends is fun, and I encourage you all to go and talk to at least one person who you don't normally talk to everyday. Who knows, you may just end up meeting a new life long friend? 

(DISCLAIMER - ok I realize how uncharacteristic the paragraph above is. Although, given how much I may claim to hate people, I don't actually, I promise. Also the last two days have been super great so idk let me live my life, don't judge ok.)

Ok go live your life.

See ya later alligator,


Posted on September 30, 2015 .