Statue Update (!!)

Hey guys! So because we did not have a GA this week, I thought I would just update ya'll on any extra announcements and things going on with HOPE woo hoo. I know you guys are all super busy with tests and quizzes this week, so good luck and study hard with regards to those lol the first bio test is super easy you guys will all do great. I have faith. Also random life update - but yesterday I took the Enneagram personality test yesterday (I got The Defender, a 6w5) and I was so surprised at how accurate it described me . I suggest you guys all try and take the quiz, because, firstly, it is super easy and quick to do, and second, it is really interesting to read and learn about. 


1. TURN IN YOUR TSHIRT MONEY ASAP! T-Shirt money is due Oct. 5th in the YELLOW BOX at the FRONT DESK. It only costs $15 and has such a cute lil' frocket wowowowow pls buy

2. VOLUNTEER GA - So we have a few tentative volunteer GAs lined up for the rest of the semester. In terms of logging hours for GAs like this, because I know we had a bunch of questions about this last week, just make sure you sign in with one of the execs at the end of the GA and wait for us to post the excel spreadsheet with volunteer hours before submitting your information on tamsiam otherwise IT WILL NOT GET APPROVED OK GOOD GOT IT? gud.


Posted on September 22, 2015 .