Summer Updates!!

Hellohellohello everyone! I hope you guys are all having a super eventful summer so far! Can you believe that we move in 6 weeks?! I'm hella excited to get started with all that we have planned so far. I have a few important announcements listed at the very end of this blog post along with a SPECIAL SURPRISE (what?!). 

Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD get involved with HOPE this year and being volunteering!!

1) HAVING FUN - Volunteering can actually become something that you look forward to doing, rather than becoming a chore or something that you only do to enhance your resume. For me personally, I always enjoyed looking forward to volunteering with Love Bites, a committee that bakes and sells cute desserts to donate proceeds to charity. We would always have a lot of fun baking together in the kitchenette and that's actually where I learned to crack my first egg (lame i know, bear with me lmao). 

2) CREATES A SENSE OF COMMUNITY - Through volunteering with different committees, I really found a few that I was passionate about and the sense of community that was created between the volunteers was a really great way for me to meet new people with like-minded interests and passions, whether that be watching the sun set while waiting for the vans to take us back to McConnell from Camp Summit, or playing basketball or volleyball with the campers there as well. 

3) LEARN A LOT - It was through volunteering with a variety of committees last year that I learned how to do a lot of different things. I learned how to crack eggs (oops), become a better teacher/tutor, throw a giant frisbee (CAMP SUMMIT!!), and much, much more tbh. I never realized that while I was giving back to the community, the community was also giving back to me.


*Committee Head pages and descriptions will be updated with this year's information SOON so look forward to that- (sorry, I've been away for camp for the past week so I haven't gotten a chance to update anything yet oops)


ok that's it, here is your special surprise.

- Tarj


Posted on July 6, 2015 .