A Day in the Life

As my eyes slowly opened and adjusted to the light coming through the blinds, I reluctantly gathered the energy to climb out of bed to turn off my blaring phone alarm. Sigh, time for 8 AM Bio, I think to myself. I drag my still-sleepy limbs to the sink and switch on the buzzing fluorescent light above the small rectangular mirror. Gently brushing my teeth, I pace back and forth in my room, resisting the urge to sit down on my bean bag and fall right back asleep. Now it's decision time: should I make myself look put together or should I leave the room in the same sweatpants and t-shirt I just slept in? Today it's a bit chilly so I convince myself it's worth it to change into a sweater and jeans. After slipping on my shoes, I stuff my homework into my unzipped backpack and throw it onto my back, still only half-zipped. About halfway down the hallway, I realize that I forgot to lock my door, so I do a quick 180 and jog back, complete the task, and return to exiting the building. I carefully walk down McConnell's winding staircase, past the Front Desk, and through the double layer of doors into the cold unknown...

If I were to describe my entire day in this fashion, I'm sure you and I both would be pretty exhausted by the end, so I'll try to be less dramatic and a little more organized from now on.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

7:55 AM: I arrive in my seat, expecting to be uninterested in today's biology lesson, but ready to listen anyway.

8:52 AM: The professor talked for a couple minutes longer than he was supposed to, but that's okay. I just have to walk a little bit faster across campus to chemistry, and I'll have a little bit less time to talk to friends before class. 

9:00 AM: Chemistry begins as usual, with my professor rapidly reviewing all of material he went over last time then turning to the board and scribbling something illegible. Fun.

9:21 AM: Boy am I starting to get hungry for lunch... I probably shouldn't have skipped breakfast to sleep longer.

9:47 AM: We get to leave three minutes early today! That might not seem like much, but it truly is a blessing. Now I have to get back to the same building I was in for Bio to attend my favorite class of the day: Calculus!

10:00 AM: We always kick off calculus by passing our homework to the front, then my professor picks up where he left off yesterday or begins teaching an entirely new concept. My notes always look like a train wreck by the end because I'm trying to write down every number of every step of every problem, but it's all worth it come exam time. Side note: You too will find the class and professor you enjoy the most, so make sure you cherish it while it lasts.

10:51 AM: After a whirlwind lesson on integrals, I sure could go for a delicious sandwich at the UNT union, so I grab a couple of my friends and head over.

11:09 AM: I have successfully placed my Which Wich order and now proceed to wait off to the side until one of the workers yells, "Chicken Club for Zina!"

11:21 AM: The Which Wich worker has just announced to the world that the Chicken Club for Zina is ready. He did pronounce my name wrong, but you can't win 'em all.

12:35 PM: Lunch was great, and now that I'm feeling fulfilled, it's time to get cracking on some studying. I slowly flip through the pages of my agenda and suddenly notice that there's a Bio test next Friday... and I've only read one of the six chapters that will be covered... AHH!

12:41 PM: Well I spent a few minutes on Twitter, you know, to catch up on world news and all, but now it's time to get reading.

12:42 PM: WOW that delicious sandwich from the UNT union sure did make me sleepy... a quick nap can't hurt.

2:26 PM: Now that I am truly awake and ready to study, I can knock out about two chapters in the next few hours before it's time to go to Chem lab.

5:48 PM: It's all so clear now... the mitochondria truly is the powerhouse of the cell. Anyways time to go mix some chemicals.

6:26 PM: One trial down, three left to go... oh boy this is going to take a while...I probably should have eaten dinner before Chem lab...

7:29 PM: There's just enough time to run to Bruce and quickly devour some of that fresh, homemade, food! 

7:51 PM: I just got back to my room, but now it's time to go down to Mac and work on some Calculus homework until the GAs of the night begin! 

10:49 PM: Wow I learned so much about upcoming volunteer opportunities, competitions, and various other events thanks to those three amazing clubs whose GAs I spent the last three hours attending! And look, I finished my Calculus homework during the breaks between GAs! What a productive and interesting night.

10:59 PM: My friends and I are having a heated intellectual debate about the true meaning of Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, the last play we finished reading in English, when everyone in Mac suddenly realizes that there is only one minute left until we are all supposed to be at wing meeting!

11:00 PM: After quickly walking and not running up the stairs, I made it to my wing right as my RA entered the hallway to begin checking to see who was there on time. Phew.

11:17 PM: Thankfully we had a quick wing meeting this week, and I have a little time before I sleep to shower and catch up on our current English book. 

11:39 PM: I quickly check Facebook to make sure I didn't miss any important announcements during the course of the day, then I brush my teeth and climb into my bed. As I gently drift off into dreamland, I go over all of the information I read in my Biology textbook today in my head in order to increase my retention of the knowledge.

11:58 PM: I gently fall asleep to my serene thoughts of metabolism. I have a multitude of dreams about the wonderful opportunities I will encounter tomorrow and the next day and the next...


So that may have been slightly exaggerated, but if you read carefully, there were many important tips to remember for this year. Hopefully this gave all of you a bit more insight into what a typical day in the life of a TAMS Junior looks like.

- Zina

Posted on August 8, 2016 .