mad gainz

mad gainz

About Me:

Greetings, my name is Bob Zhang and I will be serving as the Vice President for the 2015-2016 school year! I am from Allen, TX and I attended Allen High School, where I was involved with Swimming, Orchestra and Student Council. Things that I enjoy doing include spending too much time on Twitter (@BobZhang123), sports (all kinds), going to concerts, weightlifting and binging on Netflix. Music, specifically, is something that I really enjoy: I am a fan of all types of music, ranging from A to Zedd. If you have similar interests, or just want to talk about absolutely anything, my door is always open if you want to chat. Community service has been a big part of my life for many years, and I have learned that community service isn't about fulfilling some arbitrary service hour requirement or dollar amount raised, but rather, it's about making a positive and lasting impact on the community that you aim to serve. HOPE aims to provide a variety of volunteering opportunities for students to make a positive impact on the community and enjoy service to the community through volunteering with committees that align with their interests. In addition to being the VP of HOPE, I am also Treasurer of The Supply at UNT (Check out The Supply at thesupply.org). If you have any questions regarding HOPE, TAMS, or anything else at all, feel free to talk to me though phone/email/Twitter/Facebook/in person/etc.(whatever is convenient!). I HOPE we can have a great year together!


 E-mail: yumingzhang123@gmail.com 

Cell: (214) 843-2622