TAMS Hoofbeats aims to engage students in the powerful process of healing through equine therapy. We work with the New Hope orginization in Argyle, Texas. At New Hope, you will be able participate in caring for both the horses and riders, being an integral part of bringing a little bit more joy into the world.

Frequency: Once every two weeks

Place: New Hope Equine Therapy 

Possible Hours: 2-3 hrs. per event

Facebook Group: TAMS HOPE Hoofbeats

Who are the Committee Heads?


Mary Park Pic.jpg





Mary Park

E-mail: marypark249@yahoo.com

About Me: Hey Hi Hello! I'm Mary Park, originating from South Korea. My favorite flavor is Bee's Knees. Every time I go to McDonald's I get the 75 cent vanilla ice cream with small fries to dip. Some of my passions are painting and photography, and through this committee I would like to share my excitement with others. Other than being a committee head for Art Museum, I will be a committee head for LiNK (Liberty in North Korea), and an exec for pROfiLE! If I could be any animal I would choose a cow.




Morgan Caldwell

E-mail: momocaldwell@gmail.com

About Me: My name is Morgan Caldwell! I am from a small town northeast of Denton called Van Alstyne. I love reading, softball, horseback riding, and baking (of course ;)). Weird thing about me: I live on a twenty acre farm with a two acre blackberry orchard that has no wifi, cell reception or television. I know, talk about isolation... All that said, I am excited for next year and all the baking fun we will have!