A joint project with the TAMS Medical Society (TMS), Denton Nursing Home volunteering provides the opportunity to socialize with Denton’s elderly residents. Service includes helping with the various activities senior homes usually host for their residents (bingo, arts/crafts, fingernail painting, reading sessions, etc.). You can go on a walk with the elderly if they would like company or help entertain them; they are friendly people. Good Samaritan Society’s Denton Village Home. We’ll meet every week, some closed weekends and SAT/ACT weekends. DNH provides you with easy yet fun community service hours, improve your socializing skills with the elderly, reminisce your childhood by playing bingo, get “paper” if you win, and feed your tummies with ice cream. Any news about upcoming events/changes will be posted on HOPE’s website. Don’t forget to sign up for DNH! And if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask!

Frequency: 2 times per week

Place: Denton Nursing Home 2500 Hinkle Drive

Possible Hours: 1 hour per event

Facebook Group: TAMS HOPE x TMS Denton Nursing Home 2017-2018


Who are the Committee Heads?





Neha Arora

E-mail: narora2018@gmail.com

About Me: Hi guys! My name is Neha, and I'm from Irving. Along with being committee head for Denton Nursing Home, I'm also Interview Day Coordinator for Ambassadors this year. I really like napping and the color purple, and can't wait to show you guys around the nursing center!










TMS Representative

Aparna Medarametla

E-mail: nycaparna1@gmail.com

About Me: In addition to being the Denton Nursing Home committee head, I am also the Events Coordinator for the TAMS Medical Society, committee head for Girl UP!, and a senior mentor. Volunteering junior year with DNH was a great experience for me personally and having visited nursing homes in the past as well, I wanted to ensure that I could continue to give back to the community that has continued to support all of us. In my spare time (so basically the summer), I like to read, binge watch/rewatch movies, and travel, including going on road trips!