The Denton Public Library needs people to shelve books back into their proper place. Bring your organizing skills with you! You can have a great time helping the public library and hanging out with your friends. Feel free to bring your ipod and listening to your music while working.

Frequency: Once a week

Place: Denton Public Library North Branch

Possible Hours: 2 hours per event

Facebook Group: TAMS HOPE Library Volunteering 2017-2018


Who are the Committee Heads?

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Vidur Sinha

E-mail: vidursinha1124@gmail.com

About Me: Hi, I'm Vidur Sinha, one of this year's Library Volunteering Committee Heads. I'm from Plano, as many TAMS students are, and I enjoy playing tennis and basketball. Despite not participating in Dull Roar (Music Club), I do play the violin and take lessons in Plano. I am also a research assistant in the Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department at UNT. I'm looking forward to meeting you guys!








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Julianne Dinsay

E-mail: juliannedinsay@gmail.com

About Me: Hey everyone! Volunteering is an integral component of a balanced lifestyle, and I am grateful that TAMS/HOPE provides many opportunities to give back to the community. I love fashion (aEsthEtix!), obscure bands, analyzing movies, and pretending that I am proficient in soccer (hmu for a scrimmage). I am a firm advocate that BH is truly the BH and that Zutara should have happened. Additionally, I am conducting research in computer science regarding the creation of accessible software designs. Aside from being a HOPE committee head, I am also the Outreach Coordinator for PCs2Prosper, Project Sunshine committee head, Co-Captain of the Dull Roar Step Team, and Social Media Representative for TAMSFem! I am greatly looking forward to revitalizing library volunteering and meeting everybody!