The Pet Shelter Volunteering committee goes to the Denton Animal Shelter to clean, feed, and play with the dogs and cats.  Some of the animals have not had much human contact, so we spend time with them to get them more comfortable with people.

**There will be a MANDATORY orientation for anyone who wants to volunteer at the shelter.**

Time: Two times a week

Place: Denton Animal Shelter

Possible Hours: 2 hours per event

Facebook Group: TAMS HOPE Pet Shelter 2017-2018


Who are the Committee Heads?

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Marianne Yuan


About Me: I'm Marianne, and I love soft, cute things, pastels, and a good cup of tea. Despite my cutesy aesthetics, I'm kinda sleepy and grumbly. In my spare time, I enjoy napping extensively, playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and watching bad shoujo anime. Along with being one of your Pet Shelter Committee Heads, I'm also Treasurer of pROfiLE and VIBE Performance Head. Back at home, I loved to volunteer at my local shelter, and I'm looking forward to spreading my enthusiasm to all of you!







Jessica Lin


About Me: I play guitar, dance, and take photos as my hobbies. I'm the photography head for yearbook (wowow yas photos), President of VIBE (wowow dancing), and Vice President of Amnesty International (wowow helping to protect rights). I wanted to be a committee head for Pet Shelter because I love animals and want to make sure that they stay in a clean and healthy environment before being adopted into a new home. FUN FACT: Jessica Lin Photography is a thing! Ask me to do a photoshoot for you and I gotchu ;)