Welcome to the TAMS HOPE Teen Court webpage for 2017-2018! Teen Court provides members of the TAMS community with opportunities to volunteer at the Denton Municipal Teen Court biweekly on Tuesday afternoons. Volunteers can participate as attorneys or jury members in cases with other Denton teens. As a result, Teen Court volunteers are exposed to real-world settings and provide a great service to our city at large. Soummitra Anand and Saaketh Palchuru are the Teen Court committee heads for this year and are thrilled for all the volunteering that awaits. HOPE to see you soon!(:

Time: Every second and fourth Tuesday from 5:30 - 8:30 PM

Place: Denton Municipal Court

Possible Hours: 5

Max # of Volunteers: 20 Students

Facebook: TAMS HOPE Teen Court 2017-2018


Who are the Committee Heads?


Soummitra Anand

Email: soummitraa@gmail.com

About Me: I first and foremost wanted to be a Teen Court Committee Head to perpetuate my love for this type of community service and Teen Court as a whole. I have very fond memories of my times as a Teen Court Attorney and want to instill that enjoyment in the new juniors. In regards to myself, I enjoy playing my violin, going to the movies with my friends and family, and volunteering of course.(^; I really like chemistry but am conducting research in bioinformatics and computational biology at UNT. I can recite almost 100 digits of pi by memory and (accidentally) watched 700 episodes of Naruto in three weeks over the summer. @babyjuniors If you ever want to talk to someone or have someone just sit down and listen to you, I am always available as I pride myself on my open-mindedness. I cannot wait for the incoming year and for Teen Court Round 2!!<3







Saaketh Palchuru

E-mail: saakethpalchuru@gmail.com

About me: Tennis player went to state. Teen court head. Sports club exec. Love frisbee. Want to be a committee head because I enjoy improving my community