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The UIL committee works with Denton ISD to allow a group of TAMS students to volunteer at Denton UIL events at local schools. Every event is a lot of fun, and you get to work with lots of talented kids. If you ever did UIL in middle school, this committee can give you a kind of behind the scenes look into how the whole event is able to function.

Frequency: at least 3 times a year

Place: middle schools within Denton ISD

Possible Hours: 9-12 hours per event

Facebook Group: TAMS HOPE UIL Volunteering 2017-2018


Who are the Committee Heads?


Karissa Chesky

E-mail: karissa.piano@gmail.com

About me: In addition to being UIL Volunteering Committee Head, I am president of Dull Roar and captain of the Soccer Team here at TAMS. I play the cello and piano and music is pretty cool, and I play forward on the soccer team (which is the best position btw :)) At TAMS, I also am involved with ambassadors, TAMSfem, and love playing intermural sports. Some fun facts about me is that I am half-Japanese, am originally from Denton, #awingbestwing and lovveee asian food wowza. I am so excited to be a committee head next year, and am looking forward to volunteering with all of you!!





Qitong Liu

E-mail: qitong.liu@gmail.com

About me: Hey guys, I'm Qitong. I'm from Allen High School, which is (hopefully still) located in Allen, Texas. I'm going to be a senior this year... already? Wow. I'm basically an insomniac and my average bedtime is around 3 AM, so if you're up late at night and need help on something (my best subject is math, by the way. I'm also not that bad at chemistry), I'm usually available, even if messenger says I'm offline. (Messenger's a liar) During the day, I'm probably going to be less active and take longer to respond because of classes and naps and naps during class. That was a joke, please don't dock me. I'm going to be one of your UIL committee heads, and I really look forward to the hours we're going to be volunteering together! Just don't sleep through it, otherwise I'm going to have to wake you up somehow.