Here are some commonly asked questions about our organization! We hope that these answer all your wonders about the club, but if not feel free to email us about any inquires you may have. 
- The HOPE Execs 


Who can join HOPE?

The short answer: EVERYONE

The long answer: EVERYONE. There are 16 different committees underneath the HOPE umbrella this year, each providing a unique opportunity for students to get involved in their community and make an impact. You WILL find something that you are passionate about through these committees, so don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. You never know what committee you will fall in love with.

When does HOPE meet?

We hold WEEKLY GAs on Mondays at 8pm in Mac. It is crucial to attend as many GAs as possible as we will be providing volunteer opportunities at our weekly meetings, as well as giving out important information regarding the state of the club and also be playing fun games and activities that all help to promote a good cause!!

Besides our weekly GAs, our committees also try and meet AT LEAST once or twice a week. More times a committee meets = more volunteering opportunities = more helping out the community = MORE VOLUNTEER HOURS FOR YOU!!

Can I assume a leadership role in HOPE as a junior?

Unfortunately, we don't offer any leadership roles to juniors, but make sure to show us your passion throughout the year, by participating in HOPE and just volunteering in general, if you're interested in becoming a committee head or a HOPE executive. 

How many committees can I volunteer for?

As many as you can fit in your own personal schedule while also balancing classes and any other extracurriculars. Go wild. But as a precaution, some of our committees don't accept volunteers in the middle of the semester, so make sure to be on the look out for any orientations (Pet Shelter) or applications (Boys and Girls Club) that would signal that only a limited amount of volunteer spots will be available. 

Are hours required? 

Hours are not essential to stay at TAMS, but they are required to be a part of the National Honor Society or to meet honor roll requirements.