reppin HOPE bc why not

reppin HOPE bc why not


About Me:

Why hello there! I'm Grace Ge, your 2015-2016 HOPE President. HOPE is definitely THE club that everyone should join, because you have such a variety of volunteer opportunities to select from. I really hope you guys can choose a committee that is special to you and not only have fun with it but also show the ones in need that you can give them happiness through this. My personal favorite last year was Pet Shelter :) don't be afraid talk to me at any time for anything! I will definitely give you all the tips and tricks to the TAMS lyfe along with my senior mentor buddy, Lillian Zha, who can tell you all about research. If you are someone who sleeps uber late, I am here with ya. Coffee milk tea and my baby Zoe Wang will always make my day so don't be afraid to invite me and her on a boba run bc I am up for it! I love singing, dancing, playing the guitar, Pembroke Welsh Corgis, and k-dramas, so hmu if you are the same! lol even if you're not you can hmu too ;) We can cook sausages and eggs together in the kitchenette and have amazing jam sessions every night c:

I HOPE you SMILE and DANCE! This year will be a blast :)



Cell: (214) - 901 - 5944