Some Frequently Asked Questions

As we have realized there often times many questions and concerns on community service, an FAQ has been provided to you. If you feel that there is a question that deserves to be located on this page, use the "Contact" tab to send us that suggestion!  

1. Who do I refer to when submitting my hours?

Refer the committee head or designated leader of the volunteer group - using a HOPE executive's e-mail won't work out because we didn't see you do the work so we technically can't give you credit for it either.

2. Will I get into trouble for not attending an event I signed up for?

There are consequences for not attending an event that you signed up for. With that said, if there is an extenuating circumstance, please address the committee head or one of the HOPE executives.

3. What do the HOPE execs look for in their potential successors?

As mentioned before in our GAs, we look for qualities in all aspects. Participation in HOPE, community service hours, and willingness to pursue a project are really only one side of the evaluation process though. We are looking for much more in our candidates - we want to know that you have a genuine personality, a confidence to help, and a spirit for innovation and improvement. We want to know how you would contribute to the team and what you have done that would support how well you would do so.

4. How do I start up a committee?

Send the idea to and we'll discuss the proposal as a team. If it meets our approval, we'll contact you and schedule a meeting for further talks!

5. How do I receive the Honors Diploma and/or Gold Cord Award?

Hours Chart

And to apply for Gold Cord; fill out this application.

The application for this year is for any student (junior or senior) who feels they are ready to give it a shot!


HOPE is a non-profit organization. As times are hard, we also feel the repercussions of the economic recession. We ask that you give a little to help us continue our volunteering and service to our community. 



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