Danielle Song


About me...

Hello Beautiful People !!

Hi! My name is Danielle Song, and I am your HOPE 2017-2018 Secretary. For 14 years and counting, I live in Flower Mound and went to Flower Mound High School before coming to TAMS. Math was and is my favorite subject just because I'm good at it. Some of my favorite things to do is sketching, sing, play with makeup, and eat mint chocolate chip ice cream (or any mint flavored sweetness). Some of the more responsible things I do is volunteer at the pet shelter, work with autistic kids, waitress, tutor, babysit, and hold leadership positions. Enough about me, let me know about you!! Add me on social media so I can get to know you :) Don't be afraid to holla at yo girl. 


Instagram: @daniellessong

Snapchat: daniellesong


Facebook: Danielle Song

Cell: (214) 724-3456