Communications Coordinator


                                                        omg this is me trying to act natural oops

                                                       omg this is me trying to act natural oops

About Me 

ok it's lil mahal

HI HELLO I'm Tarjani and I'll be the Communications Coordinator for the 15-16 school year. I'm originally from Plano, TX (woo hoo JASPER REPRESENT). Before TAMS, I was really involved in HOSA (yay hosa bowl!!), basketball, and Plano Teen Court. I can't wait to get started with providing more volunteering opportunities to the TAMS community next school year. I'm an avid basketball player, so hmu anytime you want to go play #ballislife. I'll also be a senior mentor this year with Stephanie Vu, the Committee Head Coord. for HOPE!! I am so pumped for the new school year because we have a lot planned and have a lot of new ideas that we want to implement to better HOPE. I think HOPE is a great club that everyone should join because of the diverse volunteer opportunities that it provides. There is definitely something here for everyone. I've been involved with volunteering and helping out the community since before TAMS and HOPE, so it has been a pretty big part of my life for a long time. 

If you have any questions about HOPE, junior year, or just want to talk, donut hesitate to holla @ ya girl via Facebook, Twitter, IG, Snapchat (tarjmahal761) etc... or stop by my room <- it will always be open if you want to eat peanut butter oreos and talk :)

I hope we will have an amazing, productive, oreo-filled year. Can't wait!!



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